Featured Patient


  • Greg Oden

    Professional Basketball Player

  • Channing Frye

    Professional Basketball Player

  • Steve Blake

    Professional Basketball Player

  • Brady Clark

    Professional Baseball Player

  • Eric Brunner

    Professional Soccer Player
    for the Portland Timbers

  • Bill Bayno

    Assistant Coach for a professional basketball team

  • Nik Wald

    Trainer for The Portland Timbers

  • Jerome Kersey

    Former Forward for a professional basketball team

  • Doug Lynch

    Professional Ice Hockey Defenceman for the EC Red Bull Salzberg

  • Meleana Shim

    Midfielder for the Portland Thorns FC

  • Courtney Niemiec

    Defender/Midfielder for the Portland Thorns FC

  • Katarina Tarr

    Defender for the Portland Thorns FC

  • Sean McAuley

    Assistant Coach for the Portland Timbers

  • Pablo Moreira

    Player Relations Manager/Video Analyst for The Portland Timbers

  • Sinead Farrely

    Midfielder for The Portland Thorns FC


  • Mary Horch

    Miss Oregon of 2008 and Miss USA 2008 Candidate

  • Jim Donovan

    Weekend Meteorologist for KGW

  • Katy Brown

    Sports Director for Comcast Sports

  • Tara Dublin

    Writer, Blogger and Performer

  • Merritt Paulson

    Owner of the Portland Timbers MLS team

  • Bob Miller


  • Pete Ferryman

    Anchor for Good Day Oregon-KPTV

  • Jeff Monroe

    Professional Model and Personal Trainer

  • Tim Joyce

    Weather-KOIN Local 6

  • Shauna Parsons


  • Kyle Iboshi


  • Kyra Bussanich

    Founder and Executive Pastry Chef of Kyra's Bake Shop and 3 time Cupcake Wars Winner

  • Ryan Finley

    Co-Founder, Surveymonkey.com

  • Bridget Wilmes

    Miss Oregon 2015

Optometric Physicians who have had surgery at Teplick Vision

  • James Hale, OD

    Optometric Physican-Corvallis, OR

  • Paola Vitiello, OD

    Optometric Physician-Beaverton, OR

  • Jordan Brown, OD

    Optometric Physician-Salem, OR

  • Dennis Pearson, OD

    Optometric Physician-Lebanon, OR

  • Lorissa Hemmer, OD

    Optometric Physician-Bend, OR

  • Mike Gaynor, OD

    Optometric Physician-Keizer, OR

  • Clare Midson, OD

    Optometric Physician-Portland, OR

  • Gabby Marshall, OD

    Optometric Physician-Bend, OR

  • Randall Corey, OD

    Optometric Physician-Beaverton, OR

  • Dave Carkner, OD

    Optometric Physician-Tualatin, OR

  • Theresa McAdoo, OD

    Optometric Physician-Tigard, OR

  • Terry Tobin, OD

    Optometric Physician-Beaverton, OR

  • Roger Munk, OD

    Optometric Physician-Lebanon, OR

  • Wesley Vorpahl, OD

    Optometric Physician-Salem, OR

  • Cori Callahan, OD

    Optometric Physician-Price, UT

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