About Our Practice

Teplick Custom Vision, the practice of renowned LASIK surgeon Dr. Stanley Teplick, is committed to providing you with the absolute best visual outcome delivered in a caring, patient-centered environment. Having performed over 45,000 procedures since 1981, Dr. Teplick has established a reputation as a leading, nationally known LASIK surgeon serving Portland, Bend, Albany, Salem, Beaverton, and surrounding communities throughout Oregon.

Meet Dr. Stanley Teplick

Dr. Teplick was one of the first to perform excimer laser vision correction; he now offers his services to Albany Oregon and nearby communities of Beaverton and Bend.

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Our Reputation

Our reputation for quality surgery in the Pacific Northwest is well established, and we serve as a referral center for eye doctors throughout the region, as well as a referral and training center for Pacific University College of Optometry.

We use the latest, most advanced technology available and will spare no expense to ensure the best result for your once-in-a-lifetime vision correction procedure. Dr. Teplick is a talented and reliable LASIK surgeon, and the technology he uses compliments his skills very well. 

Teplick Custom Vision is a comprehensive refractive surgery center – one of the very few in the nation. This means that we have multiple technologies available to customize our treatments including wave front-guided custom LASIK, Epi-LASIK and the FDA approved KAMRA.

Why Choose Us?

Successful laser vision correction depends on many factors. Without a doubt, the primary ingredient is proper patient selection. At Teplick Custom Vision, we take extreme care to ensure that you are a good candidate, including extensive patient education and a thorough visual analysis. We do not use excessive hype or try to entice patients by advertising artificially discounted fees. These methods invariably lead to inappropriate surgeries. In fact, we turn away more than 10 percent of the patients who seek our care due to poor risk analysis results.

As a comprehensive refractive surgery center, we offer multiple technologies to address the wide variety of human refractive conditions. Dr. Teplick is the most experienced LASIK surgeon in the Portland, Oregon area and will meet with you personally prior to surgery to counsel you through the process. Our staff of experienced technicians and counselors will put you at ease as you are attentively guided through your eye surgery experience. We invite you to compare and to do your research. If you are considering Dr. Teplick to be your LASIK surgeon, contact Teplick Custom Vision today to schedule your free LASIK eye surgery consultation.