KAMRA Inlays Can Help You Do Away with Reading Glasses

As we grow older, our eyes naturally weaken and many people lose the ability to focus on nearby objects. Dr. Stanley Teplick offers KAMRA inlays at his Beaverton, OR, practice as a solution to this frustrating aspect of aging.

Dr. Teplick Introduces the KAMRA Inlay

As one of the first 18 doctors in the U.S. qualified to place these devices, Dr. Teplick is happy to provide patients with a safe and effective way of countering the effects of age-related blurred vision.

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How Can KAMRA Inlays Help?

Presbyopia is an age-related farsightedness, believed to be caused by a thickening and stiffening of the eye lens over time. Because the lens is essential to focusing light on the retina, presbyopia usually leads to blurred near vision. People suffering from this condition often must hold reading materials or other objects at arm’s length in order to focus properly.

A close up of an eye to show near vision CK surgery. Corrective eyewear is the most common solution to this problem, usually either reading glasses or bifocal lenses. However, for many people, glasses can be a nuisance, particularly if you only need to wear them part of the time. Sometimes, they are not enough to completely correct your vision.

KAMRA inlays can eliminate the need for corrective eyewear entirely. About half as thick as plastic food wrapping, this small, ring-shaped device is inserted into the cornea to improve reading vision. Because the ring is opaque and full of thousands of microscopic openings, oxygen and nutrients continue to flow naturally through the eye without interference.

The opening at the center of the ring is positioned directly above the pupil, acting like the aperture of a camera to focus light into the eye. This counteracts the stiffening of the lens and enables patients to focus without glasses at close distances to glance at a watch or cell phone, as well as at intermediate distances to read a computer screen.

Why Should I Consider KAMRA Inlays?

KAMRA inlays offer a huge number of advantages to patients frustrated with blurred vision, including:

  • Minimal invasiveness: No incisions are made and no portion of the cornea is removed in order to place the device, ensuring a quick recovery with minimal risk of complications.
  • Preservation of other aspects of vision: Unlike other treatments for presbyopia, the effects of KAMRA inlays do not hinder patients’ long-distance vision or depth perception. Furthermore, they do not interfere with the results of eye health exams or other surgical procedures, such as cataract or refractive surgery.
  • Long-lasting results: Because the inlay is implanted deep into the cornea, the device can last for years without deterioration.
  • Reversibility: Although the effects are long-lived, the inlay can easily be removed if patients are not satisfied with their results.


Because presbyopia is an age-related condition, the ideal candidates for KAMRA inlays are generally over 45. If you are frustrated with your glasses or contacts and your eyes are otherwise healthy, KAMRA may be a good option to sharpen you vision.


Placing KAMRA inlays is a relatively short procedure, typically taking no longer than fifteen minutes. The device is usually placed painlessly in the non-dominant eye without stitches. Patients enjoy a quick recovery and can often return to their regular routine the next day.

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