Precise Vision Screening and Correction

Prior to scheduling custom LASIK at one of our Portland, Oregon area offices, it is recommended that every patient have a screening consultation exam to evaluate his or her candidacy for the procedure. Preferably, this laser vision correction screening should be with the operating surgeon at our Portland vision correction center. During this evaluation, the patient's visual system is examined with particular attention to issues which could affect a satisfactory outcome, or which could increase the patient's risk of encountering a side effect or complication from the procedure.

Screening essentials should include a careful refraction, biomicroscopic evaluation of the eye, pupil measurement, tear film analysis, measurement of corneal thickness, corneal topography, and wave front visual analysis. In addition, this is the time for the patient to have all questions and concerns addressed. At the screening, the patient has an opportunity to evaluate the surgeon and to feel comfortable that he or she has selected someone with experience, dedication, and commitment.

As with any medical procedure, there are some risks associated with laser vision correction. Fortunately, the risk is very low. Visual side effects occur in roughly one percent of patients and are usually temporary. Serious visual problems are encountered in approximately one in 1,000 patients. Dr. Stanley Teplick will thoroughly review your risk/benefit analysis prior to surgery.

As with any medical procedure, there are some risks associated with laser vision correction. Fortunately, the risk is very low [...] Serious visual problems are encountered in approximately one in 1,000 patients.

You should do careful research, and take the time to have all your questions answered. The decision to have laser vision correction done at our Portland facility should be made personally between between the patient and the surgeon. Be cautious if the surgeon is not available to you pre-operatively, or if you feel you are being pressured to sign up for surgery. 

Common sense would suggest that it is unwise to select a medical operation based upon price alone. At Teplick Vision, we are committed to the success of every procedure. We provide quality laser eye surgery procedures for patients who trust only the top surgeons with their vision. Contact us today to schedule a free LASIK eye surgery consultation.

What to Expect On the Day of Surgery

Plan to be at the laser center for about two hours on the day of your procedure, and to have someone with you to drive you home. Prior to surgery, you will have some additional eye testing and a chance to review all of your questions with Dr. Teplick. A mild sedative will be given if desired. The LASIK procedure itself takes about 15 minutes. The eye is numbed with anesthetic drops to ensure that the whole process is relatively painless.

Postoperative Care for LASIK

You will be given a thorough review of your post-operative care by one of our counselors on the day of surgery, but here are some essentials.

  • Try not to rub or bump your eyes for one to two weeks following surgery
  • Wait to drive until you are comfortable and seeing clearly
  • You may shower the next day, but try to avoid getting shampoo or soapy water in your eyes
  • It is normal to have irritation and blurry vision for a few days after surgery
  • Avoid strenuous activity for two to three days
  • Night glare, halos, and star bursts are infrequent and usually temporary
  • If you are over 40, you will most likely need reading glasses after surgery
  • The eyes will become more dry for a few months after surgery—be sure to keep them lubricated frequently with artificial tears
  • Do not remove eye shields until your first postoperative exam (except for eye drops)
  • Wear eye shields over your eyes while sleeping for one week following surgery
  • Avoid mascara or eye liner for one week
  • Expect your vision to fluctuate and your eyes to be sensitive to light for the first few days
  • Try to take one day off work following surgery
  • No swimming, hot tubs, or saunas for one week
  • Wear protective eyewear for a few weeks for any contact sport or in dusty environments
  • Wear sunglasses when outdoors to protect your eyes from sun, wind, and debris

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This information is not meant to replace a personal consultation with Dr. Teplick. Everyone’s eyes are different, and we want to be able to craft the most effective and personalized treatment for your unique eyes. For more information about laser vision correction for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, Portland, Bend, Salem, Beaverton, Albany, Vancouver, and other Oregon and Southern Washington residents are urged to contact Teplick Custom Vision today.