Improving Vision in Portland and Surrounding Areas 

At Teplick Custom Vision, we offer monovision in Bend and our other locations near Portland, Oregon. There is currently no cure for presbyopia, but many people over 45 can enjoy good distance and near vision using a technique called monovision.

Presbyopia and Monovision

If you are over 45 and have both eyes corrected for distance vision, you will need reading glasses for close work. This is due to the naturally occurring aging process known as presbyopia. It has nothing to do with your nearsightedness or farsightedness, and it happens to everyone.

During the monovision procedure conducted at our Beaverton surgery center, we intentionally correct one eye for distance and one eye for near vision. If you are already nearsighted, we merely leave some of your nearsightedness in one eye for reading. If you are farsighted to begin with, we intentionally create some nearsightedness in one eye with the laser.

Monovision has been used successfully for years with contact lens correction and with various other types of refractive surgery. By correcting one eye to focus for distant vision and one eye to focus for near vision, our brain will suppress or filter out the image from the eye that is not in clear focus. We perform monovision using a laser in our Bend office near Portland , Oregon so that the dominant eye focuses at distance and the non-dominant eye focuses clearly on nearby objects.

The advantage of monovision is that you can have good vision both far and near. The disadvantage is that neither will be perfect, as only one eye is in focus at each distance. If you are very particular about clarity, you may not like monovision. However, if you are willing to sacrifice some clarity for the convenience of not needing glasses at all, you may be thrilled.

In our office, we can give you a preview of monovision with a temporary set of contact lenses. However, if you choose monovision and are unable to get used to it, it can be reversed by performing an enhancement procedure.

Monovision Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I choose to have monovision, does that mean I will never need reading glasses?
A: No. Presbyopia continues to worsen as you get older, whether or not you have monovision. At some point, the presbyopia may be so bad that reading glasses will be necessary. Still, there is a benefit to having the monovision in that there won't be a complete dependence on glasses for viewing things up close. For this reason, patients usually don't "give up" their monovision as they get older. They still read better with the monovision than they would if both eyes are corrected for distance, even though for certain things, reading glasses become necessary.

Q: What will my distance vision be in my reading eye with monovision?
A: The distance vision in the eye set for reading will be less than 20/20. The reading eye is left slightly nearsighted to allow for better close vision. The amount of residual nearsightedness may be different for different patients, depending on age at the time of surgery, how "good" the patient wants the reading to be, and how much distance vision they are willing to give up.

Q: I tried monovision with contacts and didn't like it. Will it work better with surgery?
A: If you had a reasonable trial of monovision with proper fitting contact lenses and did not like it, you will probably not like monovision created with a laser.

Q: How do you decide which eye to correct for distance and which for near?
A: Usually, but not always, the dominant eye is set for distance. If you are right handed, this is usually the right eye. Your ocular dominance will be carefully measured in our office.

Q: How will monovision impact my ability to perform in certain activities?
A: The distance component of vision in people with monovision is more pronounced at night, so if you do a lot of night driving, you may want a special pair of glasses to ‘reverse’ the effect for this activity. Also, some sport activities demand more particular binocular vision than others. At the consultation prior to surgery, all of these questions can be answered.

Monovision is available in Bend, Portland, and All of Our Oregon Locations

If you are interested in monovision in our Bend office near Portland , Oregon, contact our eye surgery center today to find out if this option is right for you!