Meet Dr. Stanley Teplick


Dr. Teplick was one of the first to perform excimer laser vision correction; he now offers his services to Albany Oregon and nearby communities of Beaverton, Salem and Bend.

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DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: Welcome to Teplick Vision. I'm Dr. Stanley Teplick. I've been in the practice of ophthalmology for almost 30 years and I've done close to 25,000 laser vision corrections. I'm an adjunct professor of ophthalmology at Pacific University College of Optometry. I was a participant in the early FDA studies that approved the excimer laser for the treatment of near-sightedness. We did the first laser vision corrections in the Pacific Northwest. We've had a wonderful reputation in the Pacific Northwest and over half of our patients are referred by other eye doctors. In fact, Teplick Vision is the destination where Oregon eye doctors have their own LASIK surgery. We are a comprehensive refractive surgery center and have access to multiple technologies. So if you're not a candidate for LASIK, there are many other options for you. We know that there are many choices and sometimes it can be confusing. We advise you to do all of your research and to meet your surgeon prior to having LASIK surgery.