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Dr. Teplick uses only state-of-the-art laser technology to perform LASIK at our Albany, Salem, Beaverton and Bend, Oregon offices.

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DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: At Teplick Vision, we use the absolute best state-of-the-art technology for your laser vision correction. This includes the latest VISX Star S4 laser with wavefront capabilities and iris registration. The wavefront capabilities mean that we take measurements of your vision in a much more sophisticated way than the measurements that are taken for, say, your glasses or contact lens examination. This data, very sophisticated data, is then entered directly into the laser. The laser is able to produce a customized program that's personalized for your individual eyes. Many patients often ask us what would happen if they moved or blinked their eyes during the surgery. Many patients fear that they may be able to offset or ruin the operation by moving or blinking their eyes. Because of advanced three-dimensional real-time eye tracking and a technology called iris registration, this is literally impossible. The laser program is placed onto the eye exactly as it was measured in the examination room and you cannot interfere with this. In the past, the flap was created with a metal-bladed instrument called a microkerotome. Although safe, most of the serious complications of LASIK in the past were due to malfunctions or problems with this instrument. Today, we use a different technology to make the flap. This is a laser technology called IntraLase.