Post-Operative Care


After your LASIK or other procedures, you will be given easy to follow post-operative instructions at our Albany, Bend, Salem and Beaverton, Oregon offices.

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FEMALE VOICE: After your surgery, you'll be given a list of postoperative instructions, including things like not swimming for a week after surgery and no rubbing or bumping the eyes for a month. You'll also be given a pair of protective goggles that you'll be wearing to sleep in every night for a week after your surgery. You'll be given some antibiotic drops that you'll be using four times a day after surgery as well, for a week or two. You'll also be given some pain medication to use for that night after the surgery. You'll be using some artificial tears, which come in a range of viscosities from very thin to very thick. There are preserved and nonpreserved tears that are available. For LASIK surgery, we prefer that you use nonpreserved tears only in your eyes. You'll be using these quite often after surgery. That you'll be instructed on after. The proper method of instilling these drops is to tilt your head back, pull down your lower lid—this creates a pocket between the lower lid and the cornea and the eye itself—put the drop in that lower part of the eye and when you release the lower lid, it will move up and cover the eye surface. It's also important to shake your medication drops before using them. One really important drop that we've found to be beneficial for our LASIK patients is the prescription-strength eye drop called Restasis. This drop is instilled twice a day—once in the morning and once in the evening—and what it does is it controls inflammation and increases the tear volume and also enhances the overall health of the eye.