Dr. Rose Detmer-Stone LASIK


Dr. Detmer-Stone had laser vision correction and doesn’t wear contacts anymore; we offer LASIK at our Albany, Bend, Beaverton and Salem, Oregon offices.

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DR. ROSE DETMER STONE: I have been a contact lens wearer for a number of years and I never truly had any problems or difficulties with contacts. I just wanted to have the freedom, if you will, of being without all of my contact lens paraphernalia when we took our trips. From my standpoint, I was looking for a surgeon who I knew did quality work and quite honestly, that I have seen repeated quality work. And I saw that a lot with Dr. Teplick from the patients that I'd referred to him over the years. I felt very comfortable with not only how he did the procedures, but also how his staff handled everything from start to finish. The actual process itself was very smooth. The staff at Dr. Teplick's office made me feel very comfortable and I don't have one bad thing to say about my two-hour stay there. So it was very good. The next day after surgery, the next morning after, I did go back to Dr. Teplick's office where Dr. Pinsky did my postoperative evaluation and I was seeing 20/15, a little better than that, the next morning. So it was a very good outcome.