Dr. Michel Gaynor and LASIK


Dr. Gaynor chose Dr.Teplick for LASIK at our Albany, Oregon office because he has such an experienced background.

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DR. MICHEL GAYNOR: The reason that I decided to have Dr. Teplick do my laser vision was first of all, I knew from his background that he had extensive, even in 1996, when I had the surgery done, his experience was far greater than anybody else in the Northwest. He had been involved with some initial laser studies down in New Orleans and had come to our area with an extremely proficient background. My brother, who doesn't wear glasses, had said to me, you know, if you've got a man who can allow you to function without your glasses and you're not taking him up on it, I think there's something wrong with you. So taking my brother's advice, I decided to have the LASIK surgery done. It's been very pleasant being able to be independent of any mechanical device, even these. I frequently drive without my glasses, but I do so much near work that I wear my glasses for that.