Dr. Lorissa Hemmer and LASIK


Dr. Hemmer went to Teplick Vision for LASIK at our Albany, Oregon office and no longer wears contacts or glasses.

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DR. LORISSA HEMMER: I have really steep corneas and so I was actually talking with Dr. Teplick and he said hey, there's this new procedure out, why don't you come in and get an evaluation done. So I went in and he's like yeah, I think we could do it and I was like well, let's do it. I was getting frustrated, there was only one brand of contacts that I could wear and any time I tried a different brand, nothing else worked. So it was kind of just being stuck in one thing. So I decided yeah, let's try. Looking for a surgeon, I really was looking for experience and personality. I had met Dr. Teplick before and I really enjoyed him. He's just very personable and entertaining, I thought, and a lot of experience. I had actually already referred a few patients to him, a couple of really difficult cases that I was really impressed with just the results—people that I thought, oh, you're definitely going to need an enhancement, just be prepared for that. They came out, you know, 20/20 vision, no problems and just loving their eyes and just really good experiences. So I was just really impressed with Dr. Teplick. It is a lifestyle improvement because you don't have to think about oh, you know, this is my last pair of contacts, you know, you're not tied down to having glasses or contacts with you and making sure that you always have that extra set or you have your solution. It's nice not to be tied down to that.