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KPTV Oregon News Piece about Lasik surgery, featuring Dr. Stanley Teplick and his Albany, Bend, Beaverton and Salem, Oregon offices.

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KIMBERLEY: Have you ever considered LASIK eye surgery but weren't quite sure what to expect? Well, this morning we are going to show you. KPTV anchor, our great colleague Shawna Parsons, is undergoing the procedure live on Good Day Oregon this morning. Our own Wayne Garcia is standing by. Good morning, Wayne. MR. WAYNE GARCIA: Hey, good morning, Kimberley. This thing is going on right now. I'm going to put my mask on and we're going to turn it over to the doctor who is performing this procedure. Dr. Stanley Teplick is talking to Shawna right now. Let's see exactly what they're doing. Okay, Doctor, if you can, take it away. DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: ... because you already found that out previously. So the vision's going to go black temporarily. Also, you will feel a little bit of pressure while this is on. This is kind of the hard part of the procedure, so suction on. So this is the part we're going to create that little tiny flap that's going to allow us to do the treatment under the surface of the eye, which is why LASIK is so popular, because all of the healing is done underneath the surface, underneath the surface of this little protective flap. So the vision has gone black, right? MS. SHAWNA PARSONS: Uh-huh. DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: Yes? MS. SHAWNA PARSONS: Uh-huh. DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: Okay, I know it's uncomfortable, but it'll be just a minute. You're going to hear a little buzzing sound. Try not to squeeze. We're right down to the little flashing light, so that was the hard part. Now everything else is pretty easy from here. So I'm going to put a little kind of sponge-like device right around the surface of the eye to kind of catch any fluid there. You're doing wonderful. You're really an excellent patient. Now we're going to go ahead and retract that flap and this is going to allow us to access the inner part of the cornea—there we go—where the treatment is going to be given. Excellent. We'll take another measurement here. So 20 seconds for the treatment, so for the next 20 seconds, you're going to hear some clicking noises. We can turn the lights down. You're going to hear some clicking noises. Beautiful. Perfect. You're doing great. You are just doing perfectly. Just a few more seconds left. You're on your way. What a great patient. Absolutely perfect. You did great. Now we're going to go ahead and place that flap back over the lasered area. And guess what? We're all done. MR. WAYNE GARCIA: It's pretty amazing that eye took all of about a minute and a half to do. DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: It's 20 seconds for the laser treatment itself. KIMBERLEY: Wayne, can you hear me? MR. WAYNE GARCIA: Yes, I can. KIMBERLEY: Wanted to ask you, what's the recovery on this? When will Shawna be able to see and keep her eyes open regularly and not have to go into a recovery process with eye drops? MR. WAYNE GARCIA: Well, she's going to see perfectly tomorrow morning. Basically she'll see better immediately after the surgery, but her vision will be a little bit cloudy. But when she wakes up tomorrow, after she sleeps overnight, we're told that she'll have 20/20 vision or at least very good vision. The story that she did last night, the person came in and actually had 20/15 vision. So this is a pretty amazing procedure. That was the right eye that you just saw. They're going to be working on the left eye in the next couple of minutes and we're going to come back a little bit later in this newscast, find out how it went or we'll try to talk to her if she's up to it and see what happened. Kimberley. KIMBERLEY: Really amazing to see that live on the air. It doesn't sound so pleasant but boy, it just looks so quick and easy. Wayne, thank you so much and our thanks to Shawna for undergoing that live on TV. Wayne, we'll check back with you a little bit later on and of course, you can find more information about today's laser eye surgery by logging on to our Website, kptv.com. It's been less than an hour since our colleague, Shawna Parsons, underwent laser eye surgery. Let's get back now to Wayne Garcia, our colleague as well, who is with Shawna this morning. Wayne, how's she doin'? MR. WAYNE GARCIA: She's doing great. We're at Teplick Custom Vision and Shawna, how're ya doin', how're you feeling, first of all? MS. SHAWNA PARSONS: I'm feeling good. The first thing I noticed was that I could actually read the clock across the room in the OR, which was really surprising to me. I have a lot of drops in my eyes, they're a little numb still and starting to feel a little scratchy. But other than that ... MR. WAYNE GARCIA: Great. You should be okay by 10 to come anchor with me tonight, right? MS. SHAWNA PARSONS: Yeah, sure, I'll be there. I can't wear makeup for about a week, so, uh, they're letting me bend the rules and wear it Monday night. But no, I will not be appearing looking like this tonight on the show. MR. WAYNE GARCIA: Wearing no makeup is scaring her more than the surgery, I think. She looks great. Let's take a look at some of the video from the surgery now, if we can. I think you saw the right eye at first and I think this is, they're working on the left eye here. Let's talk to Dr. Teplick. How did it go? One of the things she said was I thought it was going to be a lot more painful, looking at it. DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: That's very common. Most people say that. Their fantasy and their imagination of what it's going to be like obviously is much more than it actually is. This surgery was absolutely perfect. Everything went exactly as planned, the surgery went well and she's going to see great. MR. WAYNE GARCIA: Kimberley asked earlier, what's the recovery time? What can she expect in the next few hours? DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: She's going to have a little discomfort when these drops wear off. So two or three hours, she needs to be home resting, put some drops in, she has some pain medication if she'd like it. By this evening, she's going to see great and tomorrow morning, she's going to see better than she can ever remember seeing. MR. WAYNE GARCIA: What's it like when you do this, you know, these operations? You've done thousands and thousands. Is it just kind of a neat job that you can change a person's really life in just a couple minutes? DR. STANLEY TEPLICK: You said it. Absolutely. It's a wonderful job. MR. WAYNE GARCIA: All right. Thanks so much. I appreciate it, Doctor. That's it for now. We will check in with Shawna next week and find out how she's doing. In fact, I'll probably talk to her later today. I'll let you know how she's doing. KIMBERLEY: What a good sport she is to do that live on TV. All right, Wayne and Shawna, thanks so much. MALE VOICE: Can I just say, I'm going to miss the quote-unquote sexy librarian glasses that she wears. So it's just great.