Dr. Jim Hale LASIK


Dr. Hale is an optometrist that struggled with contacts and glasses, but with LASIK treatment at our Albany, Oregon, office, now sees perfect.

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DR. JIM HALE: I tried contacts, I wasn't successful, they didn't feel good, I didn't see that well through them. So I just never became a contact lens wearer. I became an optometrist, an eye doctor, and I wore glasses all the way through school and continued to wear glasses in practice until I had laser vision correction with Dr. Teplick. Any surgery should be taken very seriously, so although I wasn't nervous, I did research it thoroughly. I had the benefit of practicing with Dr. Teplick at the time of my surgery, so I had seen hundreds of patients go through the process. I pretty much knew what I was getting into. I could see pretty well almost right away, but by the next day I was, you know, crystal-clear vision. I think I had realistic expectations, I just wanted freedom from glasses and I got that.